A New Life Working From Home After Retrenchment

I have recently transitioned from paid employment to working from home. I have found this an interesting period in my life. With paid employment you have the security of a monthly salary. When you work at home there is no such security.

In planning this transition I needed to consider the following. For example would the advantages of working at home outweigh the disadvantages?

Environment for working at home

If you are planning to work at home you will need to set yourself up in a manner that will be conducive to your work style.

Ideally you should have an office in a separate room of the house, preferably in an area where there is not much external noise. Continue reading “A New Life Working From Home After Retrenchment”

Abdominal Ailments

Abdomen is located below the lower margins of ribs, diaphragm above, pelvic bone below and flanks on either sides of them. Stomach, spleen, small intestine, pancreas, colon, liver, gall bladder and pancreas are the important organs of abdomen.

Suffering in abdomen is abdominal pain. Abdominal pain can cause because of the tissues that are located in abdominal wall that surround abdominal cavity like skin and abdominal muscles. Abdominal pain comes from abdominal organs. Abdominal pain is not a must to arise from abdominal cavity but it can come from the parts near to abdomen. Continue reading “Abdominal Ailments”

5 Must Have Ingredients to Work From Home

Are you thinking of starting a home based business? If so, you have probably done lots of research in trying to find the right business for you and your schedule.

Finding the right business for you can be very profitable. However, getting involved in the wrong business for you will have the opposite effect. Lots of people believe they have covered every aspect before the get involved in a home business only to realize after its too late they forgot a few major ingredients. Below are 5 must have ingredients before you get involved in your business from home.

1 – You must have lots of self-discipline to work from home. Continue reading “5 Must Have Ingredients to Work From Home”

How Do I Start – Home Based Business

How Do I Start - Home Based Business

I know that it can be very difficult some times to come up with a way to make some extra cash. Maybe even replace your job type cash. In the past I had quit my job because I got tired of doing the same grunt work over and over again. I kept thinking to myself, “I have to get out of this mess.”

It becomes a burning feeling inside your chest. Just waiting to break free from the insane routine. Continue reading “How Do I Start – Home Based Business”

How to Rake in Heaps No Matter What Your Age

How to Rake in Heaps No Matter What Your Age

The view from over the hill is pretty good. No more climbing corporate ladders, greasy poles, playing on the jungle gym, or whatever the metaphor used to help paint a picture of those past endeavours. But, just when you thought that it was safe to go outside, there’s a technological revolution taking place that is very exciting and you’re probably involved in whether you choose to be or not.

Right now, as you’re reading this masterpiece, there are more than 3 billion people online: anyone can find you, if they want to. Continue reading “How to Rake in Heaps No Matter What Your Age”

5 Ways to Grow Your Home Business and Manage Your Time

Managing your time will not only allow you to be more productive in your business by keeping you focused on what is really important, but it will also help lower stress. Here are five ways that you can manage your time and grow your home business successfully.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

When you compare yourself to others and see them having more success than you, or doing all kinds of activities you feel you just don’t have time for, it often becomes difficult to maintain your motivation.

Some people seem to be able to do it all, and when you have young children to look after or you are still working in another job while starting your own business, where does the time come from? Things are not always what they seem. Continue reading “5 Ways to Grow Your Home Business and Manage Your Time”

Periodontal Disease Association with Endometriosis

Periodontal Disease Association with EndometriosisThere are many links between periodontal disease (perio) and ones general health. More and more information from researchers all over the world comes in daily. Just recently, new studies by the University of Michigan Endometriosis Center reported the possibility that there is an association. Both are immune response impairments. In the study, women with endometriosis had a 57% higher likelihood of having perio issues than those without endometriosis. Continue reading “Periodontal Disease Association with Endometriosis”

Phoenix Traumatic Brain Injury: Prevention, Symptoms, and Care

How can you prevent yourself and your children from suffering from a traumatic brain injury?

Here are some precautions that can be done in order to prevent suffering from a traumatic brain injury.

The major cause of traumatic brain injuries in the US is falls. In order to avoid or minimize the effects of falls, helmets should be used at all times when riding a bicycle or motorcycle; it should also be used when playing extreme sports such as football, hockey, skating, batting, riding a horse, skiing, and snowboarding. Continue reading “Phoenix Traumatic Brain Injury: Prevention, Symptoms, and Care”

How Commercial Landscaping Perth Can Help Your Business Grow

Creating an inviting storefront or facility is an important factor in business growth. An unkempt or uninviting facade can deter customers from even setting foot on the premises. The exterior of a building is vital in forming a favourable first impression. Commercial landscaping companies such as Lukes Landscaping can help your business form an appealing exterior. Commercial landscaping extends beyond just keeping the surrounding premises clean. It is a design of natural and architectural elements to enhance the appeal of your business and encourage growth of the brand. Continue reading “How Commercial Landscaping Perth Can Help Your Business Grow”