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3 Questions You Should Ask Before Buying Corner Lounge Suites

When youre in the market to buy a corner lounge with chaise, it can be very tempting to start shopping immediately. Of course, when you get to the showroom, it is easy to go with your heart and make an impulse purchase. Unfortunately, this can be a costly mistake. So here are three questions you should ask before you make any purchase decision for new corner lounge suites.

Do I Have the Space?

Contrary to popular belief, you dont need a massive room to accommodate a corner sofa. Perth homeowners may find that even a modest space can be well suited to a corner lounge. However, in order to make this decision, you need to know what youre working with. Youll need to get out a tape measure and record the available space. Take into account other items of furniture and space to move around comfortably. You may find that you have more space than you realised or you may need to compromise to a smaller model.

Left or Right Chaise?

This can be a little confusing, as which right is right? When deciding if you want a left or right chaise, you need to be standing in front of the sofa, looking at your left or right. This is important as your chaise may be required to balance the space, particularly if the lounge suite will be facing a wall. If your chaise will be in the centre of your room, youll need to think about which side youd prefer. It is a good idea to go with the traffic flow or merely consider whether you like to sit on the left or right on movie night.

Will it Suit My Lifestyle?

While you may enjoy reading home styling magazines, this doesnt necessarily mean the same corner lounge suites will work in your home. Do you have small children? Will your family be eating on the sofa? Do you regularly entertain? These are all questions you need to ask to determine if a particular corner sofa is the right choice for your family. If your family is prone to spills, you may prefer a durable, performance fabric that is easy to clean, while still looking good. Think about how your potential lounge will hold up to family life in your home.

Choosing a new lounge need not be stressful, but it is essential to take a little time to ensure you make the right purchase decision for your family and home. If youre thinking about buying a corner sofa, Perth based Chaise Sofas is here to help. We have a massive choice of corner lounge suites, and our team is on hand to help you find the ideal corner lounge with chaise for your home.


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