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3 Reasons for Yellowing Vinyl Wrap Kitchen Doors

Vinyl wrap kitchen doors are a popular choice for modern kitchens. The glossy finish makes even a neutral, traditional shade look sophisticated and contemporary. For this reason, white has become a top seller once again. Unfortunately, some homeowners have noticed that their white vinyl wrap kitchen cabinet doors have started to develop a yellow tint. So, here well explore why this happens and what you can do to prevent the problem.

Exposure to Direct Sunlight

While lots of light is vital when youre trying to whip up a culinary masterpiece, direct sunlight can have a detrimental effect on your vinyl wrap kitchen doors. It is understandable to throw open your blinds or curtains to enjoy as much light as possible, but this could be the cause of your kitchen doors becoming yellow or faded.

In fact, research has shown that prolonged direct sunlight exposure can change the colour of vinyl wrap kitchen cabinet doors in less than a year. This can be very disappointing as your kitchen is likely to still feel new apart from this unappealing yellowing. This rapid decline is the reason why direct sunlight exposure is often excluded from manufacturer warranties. The most effective way to minimise this effect or prevent your cabinets from being affected is to use your curtains or blinds. If this compromises your natural light, you could install a window film to protect your kitchen from sunlight exposure.

Careless Practices

As youre cooking, you may notice that there are splatters on your countertops and backsplash. However, you may not have looked at your cabinet doors. Grease and food particles can become airborne and settle on your vinyl wrap kitchen doors. Over time this accumulation can create ugly yellow staining.
In some cases, you can remove this build up using a baking soda and warm water solutions. This can be applied with a soft cloth before you rinse and dry the doors. To prevent the problem, always use your exhaust fan or range hood when youre cooking so that steam and particles of grease and food are effectively absorbed.

A Fault

If neither of the above reasons explains why your cabinets have started to yellow, it could be the result of a fault. If your kitchen is still relatively new, but youve noticed problems, it is worth speaking to your manufacturer. Some cabinet doors can suffer chemical reactions that turns the vinyl finish yellow. This effect is almost impossible to reverse, and the doors will need to be replaced.
The only way that you can avoid this issue is to only buy from a reputable manufacturer. The best manufacturers not only offer high quality vinyl wrap kitchen doors but also offer additional reassurance with a solid warranty.

If youre interested in vinyl wrap kitchen doors, you should speak to us. We have a wide selection of doors including a variety of vinyl wrap kitchen cabinet doors. Youll also find our sales team ready to answer any questions or queries to help you to realise your new dream kitchen.


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