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4 Kitchen Trends That We Discovered In 2018

There is no doubt that the world is evolving at a rapid pace, and this is no different in the kitchen. Over the last year we have seen how the modern kitchen has evolved; more people rely on technology and gadgets these days, yet for many the kitchen remains the heart of the home. Here we back at some of the biggest trends for kitchen from the start of 2018 to date.

Integrated appliances
Despite being a new trend, this is an ever-evolving concept that grows year on year. A vast number of modern kitchens involve integrated hardware because people simply dont want clutter and busy worktops in their nice kitchen. As well as limiting the amount of room available to you, free-standing appliances can also distract from your lovely kitchen cabinets and surfaces if they dont match. But with integrated appliances, which tend to be the dishwasher, microwave, fridge and oven, you can create a seamless look in your home, a trend which has certainly been on the rise in recent times.

Smart devices and gadgets
With technology constantly improving each year, so are the possibilities in the kitchen – who would have thought that we would be living in an age where you can purchase a wifi-incorporated oven where you can monitor and control your oven using an app on your phone? However, as with everything, people are getting up to speed with a modern 21st century and this can be an interesting avenue to explore when looking to make your kitchen stand out. Ever forgotten to your shopping list when youve gone out to buy groceries? Another noteworthy option includes the fridge cam, which sends a live picture to your phone which will allow you to check what you have in stock in real time whilst you are in the supermarket.

Large and practical sinks
Although large sinks have been around years, it seems that traction has picked back up in recent times with more people opting for a large, deep sink. These act as both a lovely centre piece in your kitchen but also a much more practical method of cleaning. With larger pans, nothing is worse than having to awkwardly fit it into the sink and spend an age scrubbing it, so investing in a larger sink is both practical and stylish.

Keeping the kitchen in symmetry
So many kitchens are now designed with symmetry at the front of the mind, a method which works really well and keeping the style and design both neat and tidy. There are various ways to make this happen, however one component that may come across as innocuous but really keeps the room looking complete are kitchen kickboards. These are being consistently used to connect the units to the floor and allow everything to sync into unity. Weve noticed that kitchen kickboards stainless steel are a very popular option these days and a good choice for both longevity and style in a 21st century kitchen.


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