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5 Essentials for the Perfect Sofa Beds

There is such a vast choice of sofa beds for sale; it can be easy to feel overwhelmed when trying to make a purchase decision. Sofa beds are such a flexible piece of furniture; they need to meet far more requirements compared to standard sofas. So, here well explore 5 essentials for the perfect sofa bed.

The Mattress Quality

Whether it will be used everyday or for the occasional guest, sofa beds are not really practical if the bed is uncomfortable. The most obvious thing affecting the comfort of any sofa bed is the mattress. If the mattress is too thin and flimsy, youre not likely to get a good nights sleep. If shopping for sofa beds online, avoid foam mattresses that may lack the comfort of a memory foam or innerspring mattress, but if youre shopping in store, try sitting on the mattress to see which you find more comfortable.

The Overall Comfort

While the bed may be comfortable, if you cant comfortably sit down, a sofa bed will still be a fail. Just like any other sofa, it is crucial that sofa beds provide adequate back and seat support so that you feel comfortable. Ensure that your new sofa bed is made with good quality materials that ensure it is built to last. You wont enjoy sitting on your new sofa bed if it starts to sag after a few months use.

The Ease of Use

No one enjoys needing to perform complicated manoeuvres just to get a bed set up, so it is also essential to check the mechanisms of any new sofa bed. While the set of instructions may vary, you need to feel comfortable that you can open and close the bed with ease.

The Types of Covers

Most sofa beds will spend most of their lifespan displayed as a sofa, so it is important that the covers complement your decor. Sofa beds are available in a wide variety of materials, so you may prefer the sophisticated aesthetic of leather covers, or you may like the coziness of a soft fabric cover. The type of cover is a purely personal preference, so make sure you have a clear idea of your likes and dislikes before making a final purchase decision.

The Size

Finally, you need to think about which size is best suited to your needs. Sofa beds are no longer restricted to two seat models. There are now sofa beds for sale in all shapes and sizes, so you can enjoy a full 3 seater size sofa with the convenience of a bed. If your sofa bed will be in your main living area, you may prefer a modular corner suite that provides maximum seating capacity and an easy to use bed configuration. Just be sure to take accurate measurements of the available space to ensure a practical fit.

If youre thinking about purchasing sofa beds, Perth based Chaise Sofas is ready to help. We have an impressive selection of sofa beds for sale in addition to lounge suites and sofas of all sizes. Youll also find the Chaise Sofas team ready to answer any questions and help you purchase sofa beds online or instore.


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