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A New Life Working From Home After Retrenchment

I have recently transitioned from paid employment to working from home. I have found this an interesting period in my life. With paid employment you have the security of a monthly salary. When you work at home there is no such security.

In planning this transition I needed to consider the following. For example would the advantages of working at home outweigh the disadvantages?

Environment for working at home

If you are planning to work at home you will need to set yourself up in a manner that will be conducive to your work style.

Ideally you should have an office in a separate room of the house, preferably in an area where there is not much external noise. The office should be well organised with the items you work with regularly close at hand.

If you have young children at home you will need to ensure that are well looked after and that they will not interrupt your work by coming into your office every 5 minutes.

The right work environment is of paramount importance to your productivity. You know what suits you best.

Work at Home – Advantages

Working from home has many advantages. I am sure you can think of many but here are a few.

    You are your own boss. Even if you are working for a company from home you will still feel like your own boss.Flexible Hours. You can work the hours that suit you. If you are an early riser you can work in the morning, conversely if you are a night owl you can work late at night.No distractions. There will be no interruptions / distractions from colleagues when you work at home.No travel to the office. If you are the kind of person that does not like the morning/evening commute this is a distinct advantageTime to spend with the family and doing the things you like best.

Work at Home – Disadvantages

You may consider the following disadvantages

    You lose face to face contact with colleagues. This can be a disadvantage when you are requiring assistance with a problem. It becomes more difficult to get help when you need to rely on email or phone contact.
    Even when your home environment is planned to suit your needs there will inevitably be some distractions.

When you work at home, which I do, I firmly believe that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

Competitive Edge from Working at Home

To work at home may give you a competitive edge in the market place. Overheads are lower when you work from home. For example you do not need to pay rent on office space and spend time and money commuting.

The time saved by commuting each day will, I am sure, increase your productivity as will being in a favourable environment.

This will lead to better service and pricing options for your clients with the inevitable flow on for your business.

I have set up an office in a quiet room in the house where I feel comfortable working. I enjoy the flexibility of working from home and the benefits that it gives me. I can now spend more time with my one (1) year old son which is great for both of us.

Therefore from my viewpoint I believed that the advantages of working at home far outweigh the disadvantages.

Working from home gives you a change to fulfil all your dreams. The free training, tools and software provided by this opportunity help you make this business work. All you need is the desire and dedication to succeed.


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