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An Insightful Look At The Antique 2 MDF Skirting Board

Yes, everyone’s favorite skirting board, the Bullnose is back once again, albeit in a different form. To remind ourselves, the Bullnose is one of the best known designs for both skirting boards and architrave. It has success in the UK and even overseas. It’s won praise from professional traders for its simplicity and ability to blend in anywhere. Its also a winner for reliability too due to how simple it is.

While the general public love it too, there’s many out there that simply found the skirting board too plain and boring for their tastes. This explains why there’s so many different types of Bullnose boards. As more come out, many more consumers have a choice should they wish to buy a Bullnose which adds something to its basic design.

With that I introduce you to the Mini Bullnose MDF Skirting Board. We all know how simple the Bullnose is right? This board is the same, only a lot smaller. Compared to the standard Bullnose, this one is half its size and the curved profile is slightly more curved than usual. Somehow, I find this skirting board more attractive to look at, possibly because of its slightly more modern design.

However, as I always say, the skirting board won’t reach its full potential unless the right architrave is paired with it. In this case, the Mini Bullnose MDF Architrave is perfect for this task. Thankfully the architrave is simple, easy to clean and looks just as good as its skirting board namesake.

Now that you know of another Bullnose skirting board and architrave combination to potentially seek out, you’re curious as to where to get it from. I will say, just get it online. Its easier, simple to use and you can find pretty much everything on the internet.

To use an example, Skirting World not only have their entire stock on their website, they can deliver to your door to free. This is awesome and allows you to not worry about going out to pick it up. If you need it faster, you can use their Super Fast Delivery service but it will cost you a fee to use.

In summary, this version of the Bullnose is a fine addition to the Bullnose family and should once again tempt buyers into thinking about the Bullnose once again. So, the next time you need to get skirting boards or architrave, ask yourself this; If I want a Bullnose, which one is the right one for me?


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