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Are You Using These Tips to Stay Self-Motivated When Working From Home?

If you want to stay self-motivated and work toward a successful work environment either at home or anywhere outside a traditional workplace, try implementing some of these tips into your daily life.

1. Early Start.
OK so you are thinking ‘I thought the whole point of working from home was so I don’t have to get up early!’ and you would be correct in thinking that, but we are not talking about a 5am or even a 6am start. You wake up at 7am, have breakfast and showered by 7:30am or 7:45am and ready to get into work. You will be far more productive starting around the 7am or 8am mark rather than waking up at 11am, feeling sluggish and in a daze with half of the day gone!! Getting up earlier will allow you to potentially finish all of your tasks early and giving you a free afternoon to fill with whatever you want.

2. Swap PJ’s for Clothes.
If you dress in clothing other than PJ’s this will help you to get into the right frame of mind to start work. You can still wear comfortable clothing you do not have to dress in a business suit to complete your daily tasks, but sleeping is over, so say farewell to the PJ’s, for now.

3. Exercise.
Exercise is important for maintaining a healthy body and mind. Physical exercise helps to snap the brain into gear and also stops the body from becoming stagnant. Whether you exercise in the morning before you start your work or whether you exercise in your break, you will feel more energized and motivated to do more. If you go for a run or walk outside this will get you out in the fresh air, so when you come back to work you feel revitalized and have new eyes for solving and problems which had previously come up.

4. Alternative Project.
Have another project to play with when you become to consumed by a task that you are working on and need a to mix things up a little. By doing this you will not become bored when you can switch your focus between two tasks when the time calls for it, and you are still being productive and working on either a hobby or another job.

5. Make a Schedule.
Routine is not a fun word, but it’s a word which will help you to stay focused on completing goals, tasks and meet deadlines. You can keep note of things you need to finish on a white board where you normally work. A white board makes it easy to add and erase different projects and is easy to see and digest the information.

You can improve self-motivation be using these five tips in your day. You will become more productive in your work and feel better in yourself, because you are working more effectively and sticking to goals and getting things done!


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