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Be Your Own Boss, Now

Working at a job can be rewarding. Too often it is not. If you’re working in a job that is not rewarding, but you can’t quit because it pays the bills, then you’re stuck. But, you have a choice in front of you. Do you continue muddling along, day after day, working at a job that pays the bills, or you take the steps to make things better for yourself? One choice is to start your own home-based business that will pay you the income you want to earn and give you the freedom you want to have?

The key factor in starting a home based business is commitment. You must want it bad enough to be willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen. You must want it so bad that our are willing to work on your business when you’re so tired you can barely keep your eyes open. You must want it so bad that you are driven toward starting your business and on making it work.

The key to commitment is vision. And what is that? Vision is a clear picture, in your own eyes of what you want. Vision is a clear picture of what you can to have. Notice that it is a clear vision of what you want in your own eyes. Not someone else’s eyes. It’s your life. It’s your family you’re doing this for. It’s your business. It’s you. A vision is your clear picture of your successful business, of making more money than you can working at a job, of paying off all your debt, and of doing those things you want to do because you have the time and resources to do them. Vision is how you stay focused on your goal of creating a successful home based business.

What will you sell? For many, this is a deal breaker. They don’t know what to sell. Finding a product to sell is actually not that hard, especially considering the many affiliate opportunities available. Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to start a home based business. Still, what do you sell? First, consider what you buy for yourself. If you would buy it, then you can sell it. Make of list of all the things you buy. Make a list of all the things you enjoy doing and having. Then look up those things on the web. Who sells them. Do they have an affiliate program? What does it take to be a part of that affiliate program? Make the call, or in most cases, complete the online application.

Making a list is easy. You just write down what you think about in your own words. There are no rules other than think it and write it down. Keep it simple. Use your own words and think the way you think.

It’s true that many businesses will ask you to pay them something up front. Depending on how much it is, and how much help you will receive for that financial commitment, it may be worth considering. There are programs that will not require a major financial commitment on your part. Do the research.

And keep good records of all that you investigate. Go to your local office supply store and get a box of the store brand 1/3 cut file folders, a box of store brand hanging folders, and a cheap hanging folder crate. The less you spend the better. Every time you look into a possible program, start a folder on that program. Keep the name of the program, the website, and the offer. Use the file folders as your control system for keeping track of what you’ve looked at and whether you think it’s worth following up on. Eventually, after you’ve looked at a number of these affiliate sites, you’ll start to see a pattern. You’ll also start to get a feel for which programs are worthwhile, and which you don’t want to be associated with. You can rate them 1, 2 and 3. A rating of 1 means you think it’s something you can sell. A 2 is a maybe. A 3 is definitely out.

Once you’ve chosen a business to invest in, how do you sell your stuff. One of the things you purchase when you invest in an affiliate program is a web-site. That web-site will provide all the product information and do all the order taking for you. It has your name attached to it, so any sales made through it will be in your name. You will get the commission for the sale.

Your job is to find people to buy your stuff. That is called driving traffic to your web-site. Once you drive traffic to your site, you must convert the traffic. Converting traffic means they buy something.

Driving traffic to your web-site and then converting that traffic is by far the hardest part of running a home based business. It is the most important part of your business. You must have customers who will buy the products you have to sell. No customers, no business. Most affiliate programs will teach you how to find customers. That will be one of the critical components that you will include in your folder on each possible affiliate.
1. What kind of support do they provide?
2. How do they provide that support?
3. What kind of training do they provide?
4. Is the training deep enough to teach you how to find and keep customers?
5. Do they help you find customers?

If you make it to this point in your search for a home-based business and can find and convert customers, then you have a shot at building a business that can support you in the lifestyle that you want to become accustomed. That is part of your dream, your vision. Keep the vision in front of you. Stop for a few minutes every day and just think about your vision. This is important. This is how you manage your commitment and keep working towards your future when things are not going that well, you’re tired and feeling depressed. Your vision is your driver for your future.

As you’re building your business, you must also accept that money is good. You cannot be afraid of money. You cannot hate money. You cannot think of money as the root of all evil. Actually, it’s the lack of money that is the root of all evil because of the harm that the lack of money causes. It is also true that money does not buy happiness. But remember this. Money buys freedom. And freedom is important in being happy. Money can buy more happiness than poverty. So if you must, change your views on money. Tell yourself every day that money is good. Money is freedom. Having lots of money is good and you are allowed to have lots of money.

In summary, make a commitment to build a business that will give you the lifestyle you want. Create a vision of the successful business you want to have. See yourself working in that business. Create a vision of the lifestyle you want to live. Find something to sell that you like or actually use yourself and can believe in. Find an affiliate program that sells something that you can believe in. Invest in your business, learn how to drive traffic to it, and then work at it. Commit to work on your business every day. You will succeed.


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