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Beating the Silver Tongues

There is an ever growing range of scams on the Internet and in consumer land. Systems that sometimes work and only half work – long enough to rope people in. Scams are becoming part of the fabric of society and increase in activity when economic downturns arise. Operators have an exit strategy in place when they reach their revenue target.

If 10,00 people join a scam under (say) $100 then it’s time for the operator to close shop and emerge under a new guise with the same system in essence. The losses per individual are small enough to get under legal radars and victims then just shrug their duped shoulders.

Scam operators mainly rely upon three factors: Greed, Desperation and Haste and all three working in unison.

Presentations are slick including glossy brochures and videos that massage your brain as the ‘chosen one’ with a time limited offers before the price goes up. So an unemployed mother goes to her uncle for a loan so she can join an income generator in the sport of kings – Horse racing. Once you break the seal you are legally duped!

Offers of free software with a hidden agenda. It’s not what they tell you that matters. It’s what they don’t tell you.

Forex offerings is a classic example. Free binary trading software packed with a lunch and steak knives. To use this software one must open up an account with a broker. The broker may then close shop or ‘go bust’ and take off with the deposits. A successful ‘bankruptcy’ in operation. The software may work for some but not for others. Get the picture.

There are scam prevention websites that are fronts for scammers and endless reviews on products that redirect one to that very product giving a commission to the reviewer. All very confusing in your efforts at due diligence.

People do look before they leap and even go to government agencies and anti-scam websites. However the scam operators are prepared. They have stolen corporate addresses and registered with government agencies in some capacity. Real border line stuff. Government agencies are often understaffed and cannot go into specifics about a company for liability reasons. Once the scam is complete they move to another country.

Scam operators who would sell their grandmothers to a slave trader are blatant exploiters and know a sucker is born every minute.

If you don’t get caught by a scam then you may get done by a rip-off. For instance horse racing software. This may work giving an acceptable return.

This expensive software running at $1,000 to $10,000 was in fact your betting bank that professional gamblers ONLY EVER use 1% to 2% per wager. In fact the predictions provided are no better than using the odds provided just before a race. Sure the software may provide ‘dutching’ convenience and other facilities.

Let’s remember that for every winner 4 to 7 times more punters will have to lose on average. Someone pays for your success. Only 5% of punters at most ever make a living out of gambling and that should be a warning about the approach required.

There is also a plethora of trading robots for betting exchanges. Powerful software. Many people struggle to make it with the robot ‘picks and shovels’ and waste a lot of time learning to out-compete other users. To be a ‘trader’ you require professional training and discipline. There are no shortcuts.

And the list goes on…

Overall the best way to defeat the silver tongues is to work together and benefit from other peoples insights and experience.

Uniting in common concern with programs that prevent and shut down scams.


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