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Bring in the Clowns: A Blueprint for a Portable Income

Let me start out by making a bold statement: Any career can be a nomadic career.

It doesn’t matter what you do or what your skill set is, you can find a way to make money doing that from anywhere.

One of the ways I like to define a nomadic career is that it is something you can do to make big money while you are sitting on a beach somewhere.

Or anywhere you like. Like nomads and wayfarers everywhere, you can be location-independent and still make a respectable income.

It doesn’t matter what you do, if you think about it long enough and are creative and open-minded, you can find a way to make money doing what you do right now online.

And when you work online, you aren’t chained to a desk, an office, a corporate headquarters or anywhere else.

If you can get an Internet connection – and let’s face it, there are very few places in the world that you can’t get an Internet connection – then you can be connected to your business.

Three Different Careers

To prove my thesis, let’s consider three wildly divergent occupations: Circus clown, police officer and librarian.

Totally random choices, by the way.

Okay, our objective is to find ways to earn a respectable living using these three occupations while sitting on a beach.

Librarian would be the easiest, I think, so let’s start there.

A librarian maintains a library of books and helps people connect with the information they are seeking as efficiently as possible.

Plus, they say “Shhhh” a lot.

So how could a librarian make money while sitting on a beach? To me, that’s simple. All they would have to do is to create their own search engine.

Exploiting the Internet’s Existing Tools

Well, not “create” a search engine as much as co-opt an existing search engine such as Google or Bing to provide people with a specialized service. In this instance, it would be connecting people with the best books that suit their needs.

While that’s a service people might be willing to pay for, they probably wouldn’t be willing to pay a LOT of money for that service.

However, if you are providing that service to hundreds or thousands of people… or millions… or even billions… then that small amount of money can quickly multiply into vast sums.

Capitalizing On Your Knowledge

Moving on to our second example, the police officer. What type of service does a police officer provide? Protection, right? We want our police forces to protect us from being victimized by criminals.

So what sort of nomadic career would involve skill set of somebody trained as a police officer? How about offering advice on creating and installing the best home security systems?

Or you could create a set of videos on self-defense. Or a webinar on how to protect your valuables while in public. Or a website that offers instruction on how to clean, store and shoot firearms.

The possibilities are certainly numerous.

Satisfying a Universal Desire

Finally, our circus clown. This one is challenging because the career is essentially archaic.

Yet the skill set includes something that is universally desirable: Making people laugh.

People will pay money if you can make them laugh. So our circus clown might create a subscription service that collects the funniest comic stand-up comedy routines, funny skits, bloopers and comic home videos from around the world and delivers them to subscribers for a small monthly charge.

Not only would you make money from subscribers, but you could sell advertising on your page and make money that way.

You could even charge up and coming comics, performers and writers money to promote their videos on your subscription site.

Three widely divergent career paths. Three fast tracks to making money online with nomadic careers.

Whatever you do for a living, if you give it enough thought and approach the problem creatively, you can come up with a solution for converting your skill sets into a portable income.


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