Do You Give 110% To Reach Your Goals?

Ashen faced and exhausted she sank into her chair. The taxi driver had just brought her home. Her shoes pinched her tired feet, her legs trembled with fatigue. She was cold and tired but she did it, she had achieved the trip she planned.

Now in her 90s life had become mundane at a daily level, and everything was an effort but she had planned a trip into town. She was now unsteady on her feet and walked with a stick but today was the day she was going into town. The taxi driver dropped her in town, near the bank together with her bag and stick. She was a little apprehensive but excited about her trip, it was a long time since she had done this.

Having arrived at the bank, she saw it hadn’t yet opened, so she set off to take a look at a store down the road. When you are a bit unsteady on your feet, this isn’t to be taken lightly! Having wandered around the shop and found nothing suitable she headed back to the bank, weaving in and out among the market day shoppers, hurrying on their way.

Money withdrawn she sat down to tidy it away in her purse. Oh dear! She had forgotten to ask the cashier to call a taxi for her, (they knew her well in the bank and were always helpful). There was nothing for it but to walk down the road to the taxi rank. Her feet were sore and she was now exhausted by this unaccustomed walking. Click, click on the pavement went her stick as she inched her way along the path. Each step becoming a greater ordeal than the last, her legs were shaking now and her feet felt on fire. Finally she made it to the taxi the driver helped her in and took her home.

Exhausted but elated that she had managed her trip out, she had achieved what she set out to do. She hadn’t bought anything, but would do it again soon. Maybe to us this was nothing eventful, but the effort spent and the determination to achieve her goal was immense.

Do we put in as much effort into achieving our goal? We all have different goals at different times in our lives, but do we always give it our all to achieve them? Sometimes we give up on a project when with a little more effort we would have reached our goal. How often have you given up just too soon?