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Do You Wish You Could Work at Home?

Becky looked out of the window at the rain lashing down, how lucky she was that she no-longer had to commute into London daily. Those cold damp mornings with the walk to the station hoping the train wouldn’t be delayed. Then after a peaceful hour on the train, (if she managed to find a seat), hot footing it to the tube. How she had hated the sardine packed journey, only to repeat it all on the way home.

Now she had time to see the children off to school after a proper breakfast, a quick chat with her husband before he left for work and if she was quick, time for the dishes and a tidy round before she settled down with her trusted laptop for the day. She was very good at scheduling her work-load and sticking to her routine.

She was beginning to see good results now, not bad considering it was only a few months since she had set up her business online, and only a couple of weeks since she had left her job for the last time.

She loved her new way of working, the flexibility which enabled her to fit work around family life. How lucky, she thought, that her husband had a good job and supported her in her new venture, she felt secure.

As she gazed at the rain, she mused, the only thing she missed was the buzz of office life, the company of her colleagues and a quick chat with them at lunch times. She couldn’t have everything, she realised and overall this was far better.

She had read an article about forums and how they were a community of like- minded people, interested in similar things. A place where you could ask questions and communicate with other home workers. Maybe that would be a solution. She did often have questions relating to her new business, although with the business plan she had purchased there was a very good help-line for questions. She had also joined a membership website, which was helpful, but maybe free forums would also help. Perhaps they would be a business asset too and would help with marketing.

With that thought, she Googled forums in her niche and was amazed at the choice available. Well she had too many things scheduled for this morning to look further at forums, but tonight Jim, her husband was out, so that would be a perfect opportunity to take a look. Again she marvelled at the flexibility of her new lifestyle and how she was able to fit in the school visit tomorrow and the dentist Friday afternoon.

Now if she was to earn enough for their special summer holiday next year she must stop daydreaming and press on with her work. Goals, she thought, that is what kept her motivated. How lucky she was, she decided, as she settled down to work.


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