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Find Out What Exactly You Can Do To Better Put A Stop To Axillary Hyperhidrosis

When our body produces sweat, it is a way of cooling us down to a normal body temperature. However, sometimes the sweat glands located in the underarms can produce excessive amounts of sweat, making for an embarrassing problem. The following article will discuss how to stop sweaty underarms – simple tips and techniques.

Some people who suffer with excessive armpit sweating mistakenly believe there is nothing they can do other than medication or even surgery. Not many people really want to take it to that level. The good news for them is that there are more natural ways to help decrease the amount of sweat that armpit glands produce. One of these ways is to rub malt vinegar on the armpit area at night, then clean it off in the morning.

Another step you can take to help decrease the amount of underarm sweat you produce is to periodically shave your arm pits. It only makes sense that your pit hair only makes the area more prone to sweat. By shaving once in a while, you are helping air be able to circulate and produce less sweat.

Sometimes the clothes that you wear can increase your chances of sweating a lot. Tight clothes are no good when you are trying to decrease the amount you sweat. In addition, black clothes should also be avoided. Black attracts the sun and will only make you hotter.

Finally, you need to be very selective when it comes to the hygiene products you use. Some products only say deodorant on their labels, and promise to hide any embarrassing odor. However, the product you choose needs to be an antiperspirant, as well. It is the antiperspirant that helps reduce perspiration.

If you have tried all of the above methods, and nothing seems to work, there are some medical options you could consider. Some people have chose to take Botox shots to their sweat glands and many of them claim that is works. There are also different surgeries that your doctor could recommend.

It is never nice when you are out having a good time and you notice that your shirt is wet from underarm sweat. You can stop sweaty underarms with these simple tips and techniques, and perhaps without ever having to visit a doctor.


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