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Five Benefits of Installing Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding can beautify and update the look of virtually any home. If you are looking to improve the energy efficiency or raise the value of your home then having siding installed can accomplish both. There are not many home improvement projects that can accomplish so much and have such versatility in styles, colors, and options. If installed by a professional siding contractor with quality materials the benefits will outweigh the costs.

Durability. Quality manufacturers have warranties that last 40 years with some offering lifetime guarantees. Siding has multiple attachment points which helps it withstand winds of up to 110 miles an hour. Even if a piece is damaged or comes loose it is a simple task to replace and because of the advanced UV-resistant coatings it would be easy to match. Even dark colors retain their original color for years. The weathering effects of heat, cold, or moisture has little to no effect keeping the product looking brand new for many, many years.

Raise the value of your home. If your home is looking old and weathered, then replacing the siding is one of the best ways to boost the value of your home. According to the National Association of Realtors and Remodeling magazine report, new siding consistently ranks as one of the most cost effective projects a homeowner can undertake. If you are considering putting your home on the market for sale or have decided to stay for the long term there are few better ways to add curb appeal.

Energy Efficiency. The majority of quality manufacturers offer insulated siding. The insulation creates a barrier between your home and the siding allowing airflow. The insulation will reduce moisture and decrease the amount of cooled or heated air moving from inside your home to the outside. Make sure to verify that the manufacturer is Energy Star rated. The rule of thumb is that most homes can reduce energy costs by as much as 25% especially when combined with other changes such as added attic insulation or new windows. When taking into account the added value and lower utility bills the siding will almost pay for itself.

Lower Maintenance. There is very little maintenance required for new siding. There is no paint so there is no chipping or fading. If installed correctly, your siding should last a lifetime with very little effort to keep it looking good. A yearly inspection and a cleaning with a pressure washer, if necessary, is all you will have to worry about. The days of scraping and painting every few years will go away.

Versatility. There are a myriad of options when it comes to the choices of color, style, and architecture. A homeowner can blend in with the style of the area or express themselves with their own unique design. The options available are almost endless. The hardest decision will not be whether or not to install vinyl siding but figuring out the look you are after.

When quality materials and a professional siding contractor installs new siding the benefits are felt for years, in some cases, a lifetime. By doing just a little research and the proper due diligence to choose the proper installation company you will be hard pressed to find a home improvement project with more benefits.


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