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Five ways to achieve clean and organized home

Arent they nice those picture-perfect homes from the interior design magazine covers where everything looks so pristine clean and tidy? You wish you owned one and that it could stay that way forever. Or that it cleans itself in some magical way. Unfortunately, this is possible only in the land of dreams. Those are the housekeepers dreams. The reality is a never-ending nightmare. We know the pain and thats what were here for. To show you the light at the end of the tunnel. It is in fact possible to manage your home and stay sane at the same time! Heres how to do it:


You know the drill, you probably do that every season unless youre a hoarder living in a garagewith street cats…that youve adoptedbecause youre a hoarder… The Russians actually have an eponym for that. Plyushkin! Sounds familiar?! Dont worry, youre not alone. And at least youll have a cool code name. Plyuishkin! How do sanitary people call themselves?! Sanitary?! Its ridiculous. Sorry for the digression… Be brave my heart, were throwing things away. Yikes! Lets make it less stinging. Set a garage sale or organize a donation campaign. But what for the real compulsive hoarders who actually live in garages, you ask? Well, things are looking up for them, arent they?! With all that stuff they could probably buy a house later! Dont get too excited, however. Hold your horses! Phew! Theres the compulsive hoarder but theres the compulsive discharger?! That doesnt sound right. See, its so much cooler to be a Plyuishkin! Our point was that you might get rid of stuff that could be potentially useful in the future. Come to think of it probably thats how you become a hoarder in the first place you assume everything could be put to use But seriously! There are things with sentimental value you ought to keep and things that may serve you for multiple purposes. Theres a method to this decluttering madness. Sort it out!


Your home will never be spruced up if it looks like a shop on a black Friday. You know what were talking about. We mean things all over the place. This would take some time so you may want to give it a few days unless you have the nerves and attention span to to reorder your whole house. Think about cartoons when a princess starts to sing and it all goes to their rightful places. Abra cadabra will not work in your case. Everything should have a resting place. Your work clothes in one drawer, your sports wear in another, etc. T-shirts one shelve, pants another and so one with everything. In fact, make a system for each storage place. That includes your fridge too. Youll thank us later.

Time management

Make a routine and stick to it. It will make your life so much easier. It doesnt have to be a strict one. You can just devote as much as 20 minutes a day before you go to work to tidy up your house. That way you will become faster and more efficient. Separate your housecleaning tasks across time so you dont wear yourself out at one instance. Why spend a whole day cleaning the whole house when you can spend every day doing something one thing or another. Monday do the kitchen, Tuesday handle the bathroom and so on. Take one step at a time.


In this day and age, we probably all know one too much about multitasking. You already do it at your working place so why not at home, as well?! Keep step. How to apply this life skill to your place? For example, bubble up the sink with the dirty dishes while youre preparing your kids to bed. Let that meal to be cooked in the oven while youre spreading the laundry or start a wash cycle while preparing breakfast. That sort of things. Whatever you do, dont procrastinate, you dont want things to pile up. Then you will have a double job to do.

All hands on deck

You are as responsible for the neat state of your home as much as the rest of the family. Therefore, engage them without hesitation. Make a list of chore and deal out. Make a weekly schedule and stick to it. One for all and all for one.

The home of your dreams is not the one from a magazine shoot. Those things are just for show. The home of your dreams is one you can manage. We hope weve put you on the right direction. Carry on!


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