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Fresh for Fall: 5 Kitchen Trends to Spice Up Your Autumn

As youre enjoying the balmy temperatures and glorious sunshine of late summer days, thoughts of wind and frost are probably the furthest thing from your mind. But dont be fooled: autumns crisp chill is just around the corner! Soon enough, youll be replacing your swimsuit with sweaters, your iced coffee with a spiced pumpkin latte and your summery kitchen dcor with the latest fall trends. For a cozy yet chic ambiance that keeps cabin fever at bay, take a look at this years biggest and boldest trends. Suddenly, fall cant arrive quickly enough!

1. Autumnal Accents

Adding a dash of color to quality kitchens is one of the simplest, cheapest, and most effective ways of spicing up your space at any time of year. After all, walking into a warm room thats been adorned with a cheerful array of colors is a guaranteed mood booster. This year, orange is sweeping the industry, appearing on carpets, place mats, candles, and carpets. Whats more, you can easily enhance your dcor with a few pumpkins or with an autumnal arrangement of red, orange, and yellow leaves. And if youre looking for contrast, nothing does the trick like a classy touch of gold.

2. Pots & Plants

Quality kitchens are going back to nature in 2018! Creating a natural feel in the home has become all the rage this year, and is a trend that will become especially important in the cold, largely barren months of fall and winter. While the trees may be bare and the ground frozen, your kitchen could become a sanctuary for plant life with a few poinsettias, peace lilies, or areca palms, which are certain to brighten any space. Alternatively, why not combine beauty and practicality by starting a little herb garden?

3. Long-Lasting Lighting

Long gone are the days when LED bulbs emitted bleak, depressing light that youd pay not to have in your home! Thanks to technological refinements, these lights are now available in various lumen levels, and are quickly becoming an integral part of all modern, quality kitchens with a focus on environmental friendliness. From illuminating your countertops to your cabinets, LED bulbs are an ideal choice, as they last longer than florescent or halogen alternatives and are more cost-effective during the darker autumn and winter months. Versatile, efficient, and economical: whats not to love?

4. Deep Decluttering

While spring cleans are commonplace in most households, the idea of decluttering your kitchen in the fall is still a bit of a novelty. Although the thought of majorly straightening up your space more than once a year may not sound appealing, think about it: Its easy to go a bit stir-crazy when youre cooped up inside during colder months, and even easier when the heart of your home is chaos central. So, do yourself a favor this year and opt for a deep clean. Wouldnt the job of accommodating the usual autumn and winter sweets be much easier if your cabinets arent bursting at the seams?

5. Vintage Velvet

Many quality kitchens embrace texture contrasts, which contribute to their innovative and often eclectic feel. One of the hottest trends for the fall of 2018 is decorating your space with velvet fabrics, which impart a comfy yet elegant feel. While you can snuggle up with a book and a soft velvet pillow in your kitchen nook, you can also wow visitors with velvet upholstery at your next dinner party. This multifaceted textile strikes the perfect balance between beauty and functionality, making it an ideal addition to your dcor.

And there you have it: preparing your home for autumn is often easier and more inexpensive than you may have thought! By embracing these five tips, youll be able to take your space to new aesthetic and environmental heights in the blink of an eye, all while pioneering the latest trends for quality kitchens. Time to get decorating!


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