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Hiring Movers: Perth Homeowners Need to Leave These Items Behind

Moving house can be stressful, but it also provides the ideal opportunity to do a little life laundry. After all, there is no need to go to the trouble of moving boxes of items that you havent even bothered unboxing since your last move. Spending a little time to eliminate those unwanted household items will make your move easier. So, before you hire movers, Perth homeowners need to consider leaving these items behind.

Old Furniture

Your home moving service will be able to move any item of furniture, but do you really want those bits of old furniture in your new home? Map out a floor plan of your new home and determine what pieces of your existing furniture can be accommodated. It is not uncommon to realise that some piece of furniture will not fit into a new home.

It is important to carefully assess what is worth keeping and what should be sold or donated before the move. Due to its size, furniture is not the most budget-friendly of items to be moved, so if you have old furniture that you really dont care about, why not sell them to someone who will give them a new lease of life in their home.

Old Technology

Technology seems to go out of date rapidly, but many of us hang on to our old devices, and they end up cluttering cupboards, drawers or even storage boxes. If youve got a variety of old phones, cables, chargers, remote controls and other items of technology, you could be wasting time and effort packing and moving them to your new home. Take a little time to sort through these miscellaneous items to check what is and isnt useful.

However, it is worth considering that while you may think your old technology is useful, someone else may be looking for your unwanted items. Online marketplaces can provide a great resource to make a little extra cash from your unwanted old technology.


One of the most challenging aspects of moving house is tackling wardrobes. Many of us are guilty of just pushing items to the back of the wardrobe and forgetting all about them. This can mean that when you start packing, you end up with an avalanche of clothing. Spend an afternoon sorting your clothes into keep, throw and donate. Assess items that you wear infrequently, dont fit or are out of style. While some of these items may be kept for future use, if there is little chance that you will ever wear an item again, now is the time to get rid of it.

Containers, Jars, and Bottles

Most of us are guilty of keeping opened containers, jars and bottles in our kitchens and bathrooms. These items can be difficult to transport, so it is worth checking if these items can be used or discarded before the move. Check the used by dates on these items and throw anything out of date. If you have lots of opened containers, try to plan some medley meals to use them before your move date.

If you are in need of movers, Perth based Emmanuel Transport is here to help. We offer an expert home moving service with professional packing and storage options. We aim to make moving house easier.


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