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Home Business and Personal Grooming

The issue of personal grooming may seem slightly odd in the context of running a business from home, or working from home, but actually aside from the physical practicalities and needs of personal grooming, it is a really important issue in terms of the individual’s attitude to their work and their home.

When the possibilities for working from home became significant due to the rise of the internet and other forms of tele-working, the idea of working from home was sold as an attractive option for many people. The term passive income was floated around and deployed with much aplomb. Also the idea of someone getting out of bed and sitting in their pyjamas with a laptop and for as long as they wanted was seen as an alternative to being chained to a desk.

Both these ideas, passive grooming and pyjama working, did and probably still do appeal to many people at different levels. They may appeal to some people at a practical level, but more likely appeal to people in the sense of almost being a rebellion against the more traditional methods of working in an office or factory environment.

The issue of personal grooming refers generally to a sense of how an individual will adapt their own life to the practicalities of combining both a business and a personal life.
Some people approach this issue in different ways. I remember hearing a story of a man who worked from home and every morning got up, got dressed in a suit, put on his hat and went into a shed at the back of this garden and started working from there at the same hour every morning.

That might seem a bit extreme, but there is an important message in terms of how the individual wanting to work from home separates out and then incorporates their sense of personal life and business life. In practice this will probably be a lot simpler than the theory implies.

Many people who work from home do so because they see it as a freedom, and simply embrace the practicalities as they arise and deal with them accordingly. For other people the whole process of having to set their own personal and work boundaries can seem quite daunting and quite intimidating.

It is not necessary to either stay in your pyjamas all day in order to run your own business from home. What is necessary is that you attend to your own needs and find your own fluidity in terms of how you work best and most appropriately. It is certainly true that many jobs and much of the work that can be done from home do not require any particular approach to what is referred to as personal grooming. What does matter is that the individual feels settled within their own life and approaches how they groom and dress themselves in a way that reflects their own inner worth that is then outwardly manifested by what they do with their life.


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