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Home Business – Working With Others

The notion of working from home in any capacity or running your own business has an implication that it is you alone and no one else. This is often not true and whilst there can be an appeal in the sense of being your own boss and being in control and owning your own time, there is also a realisation that this can lead to quite a high degree of isolation in many ways.

Isolation is not itself a bad thing, but it is often the context within which an individual is isolated that can generate problems or open up areas that need to be addressed and dealt with.

A home-based business can be many things, ranging from an individual who has been made redundant or who has been fired setting up their own business, through to a stay at home mum who needs to earn some money, but has childcare and family commitments. There are also many small businesses that combine both office/shop and living areas in the same building, sharing the space with other family members and sometimes employees.

Working with others from home can be both a curse and a blessing. The blessing can be that it gives you an opportunity to share your work life with other people, and the downside can also be because it gives you opportunities to share your work life with other people.

For many people the attraction is the degree of freedom that this mode of working offers you, mostly in terms of being in control of your own time and space, and being directly responsible for your own efforts in terms of making money or not. This often brings with it both a high level of freedom and a high level of stress as you are effectively responsible for your own security as well as possibly that of your family.

The value of working with other people in the context of a home-based business has led to many people finding ways of connecting or networking with similar people either in a formal or informal capacity. The informal capacity tends to be people who share their experiences together, either online or in the real-world. There are many different approaches to this and it should be relatively easy to find one that works for you.

The more formal approach is for a number of people to get together and share a degree of office space, or work hubs as they are known, where people will work together either collectively or at individuals in a group. They may do this on a regular or irregular basis in regularly in terms of days or hours.

The value of its is that it gives a focus to an individual based have their own time and space in terms of the home, but also to have the option of spending time with co-workers in an environment and setting they have a high degree of control over.


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