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How Lucky Am I? How You Can Be Lucky Too

Do you sometimes wonder why some people always seem to get the lucky breaks? You could too, it is a learned secret, an attitude, an expectancy. I’m going to share this secret with you. How serendipity can be on your radar.

Why I think I’m lucky

But first I’m going to tell you why I think I am lucky – Well I am back at my caravan office again, way into the countryside. How things look different with the changing seasons. Soon it will be autumn with the gold and red leaves, but now we are soaking up the last days of summer, thankful that the flowers are still blooming.

Well, having retired once the boss begged me to go back, even part-time. So with flexible hours, a rise and a two-day a week job that I can fit round my life and my business, that’s pretty lucky I think.

I have a business which I love developing, I am learning new skills every day. My business offers great flexibility, I can work when and where I like as long as I have my trusted laptop, an internet connection and perhaps a pen and pad. What a bonus.

I have 3 fledged youngsters all fit and healthy with families of their own, all getting on with their lives, plus 5 grandchildren. I am healthy and reasonably fit, I don’t have much time for hobbies but I have good friends and family. And probably the luckiest break I ever got was when I was born – I was discarded at birth as dead, but when a nurse picked me up she blew on my face and I started breathing, and here I am. You can’t get much luckier than that can you!

What are your lucky breaks?

So how can you actually get & enjoy lucky breaks? Well first you have to recognize them. You also have to expect them, and also listen to your intuition to be in the right place at the right time. You have to seize opportunities when you have the chance, learn to make fast decisions and take calculated risks. One why I find helpful if I am unsure about a decision is to make for and against lists. Having made the list you then give a star rating 1-5 according to your gut feeling, to each comment, total the scores up and you have your answer. If you are still unsure, sleep on it and see how you feel in the morning. You can usually expect to “know” what to do. Have faith in your decision and proceed. The more you try this method the more confident you will become. Begin with something unimportant and try it out. It works for me and saves lots of dithering and worrying.

Try reading Napoleon Hill’s “Keys To Success” or other positive thinking books to help you re-adjust your thinking. You might like to read my book reviews to help you. Most library’s stock these best seller, classical books.

I would like to wish you every success on your journey & lots of Lucky Breaks!

Affiliate marketing is my choice, I love the flexibility the business offers. Not having to worry about producing or delivering products.


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