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How to Choose the Right Laundry Cabinets

When it comes to laundry cabinets, Perth homeowners often struggle to choose the right option. Should you keep your laundry room utilitarian or should it be an extension of your kitchen? The right cabinets can enhance your laundry room, not only helping to keep it organised but also to create an aesthetic you can be proud of. So, here we will explore how to choose the best cabinets for your laundry room.

Plan Your Space:
The first step of choosing laundry room cabinets, Perth homeowners need to take is to plan the space. At the moment your laundry room may just be a relatively empty space, so get measuring to determine the size and number of cabinets it can accommodate. You will need to think about any windows or doors that need to be considered and whether you want to make use of the height in taller rooms by using wall cabinets. You may even want to consider adding a full height cabinet, so you can keep brooms, mops and other cleaning supplies neat and tidy.

Think Materials:
When starting shopping for DIY laundry cabinets, Perth homeowners may be surprised at the range of options available. Wood is the most obvious choice as it is likely to be similar to your kitchen cabinetry, but remember that a laundry room can be an area that has excessive humidity. Running your washer and dryer does create moisture, so wooden cabinets need to be properly sealed and made of the more durable hardwood for a long lasting finish. Another option is vinyl. This offers a durable, attractive finish that can handle the rigors of a laundry room. Consider the overall look you want to achieve. If you want a sleek, high end look, you can create this with your choice of materials.

Maximise Storage:
Finally, you need to think about maximising your storage. From extra laundry detergent to your iron, ironing board, and cleaning supplies, your laundry room may be home to a great deal of clutter. This can all be kept neat and tidy if you have plenty of storage. Dont just think of storing the items you currently have in your laundry room but think about how you can free up space from your kitchen, enhancing both rooms. Remember that while most of us dont enjoy laundry and ironing, this seemingly never ending task is a lot easier when you have everything you need on hand. So, invest in enough cabinets, so that you can find what you need, when you need it and keep it neatly stored away when you dont.


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