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How to Create the Perfect Playroom with a New Modular Lounge and More

With a growing family, it can be reassuring to have a safe space where your children can play. A playroom can allow you to keep the rest of your home neat and tidy, as all the toys are kept in one place. However, the perfect playroom needs more than a comfy couch, and youll need to choose the right modular lounge and other accessories to ensure a fantastic place for your little ones to allow their imaginations to flourish.

Start With the Right Sofa

The right sofa is the key to the perfect playroom. It needs to be comfortable for you to sit and watch your children at play, but it also needs to be practical. Youll need to look at modular lounge suites that are made with stain resistant or easy clean materials, so any spills or accidents can be wiped away with ease. Additionally, if youll need your playroom to function as emergency guest space, consider a modular lounge with chaise that can be converted into a bed. This can also be useful when your children start to have little pals for a sleepover. A modular lounge will also maximise space in the centre of the room, as the seating will be against the walls, leaving room for play mats and other toys on the floor.

Think Growth

While your infant may love pastel shades, you need to plan your playroom with growth in mind. Children tend to change their preferences frequently and will soon be wanting the latest cartoon character in their playroom. So, instead of decorating the playroom in themed wallpaper, consider having neutral walls that can showcase new prints that reflect current interests and tastes.

Dont Overlook Storage

In a playroom, there can never be too much storage. Youll need to find clever ways to include storage for all the toys, games and other clutter in the playroom. Your storage will need to be at hip height or lower to encourage your children to tidy up after themselves and avoid things that could tip over. Any freestanding furniture or storage should be bolted or fixed to the walls just in case your child gets a little adventurous and tries scaling it.

Finish With Personal Touches

Finally, tie your theme together with some personal touches. Consider soft furnishings such as rugs and cushions to add texture and personality into the space. You can also use these touches to add some bold colours and patterns. You could even create a section of wall where your childs arts and crafts can be displayed, so you can have a creativity area that encourages your childs inner Picasso.

If you are considering a modular lounge, Perth based Chaise Sofas is here to help. We have a variety of modular lounge suites in a variety of designs and materials to suit any style of decor. Youll also find the Chaise Sofas team ready to answer any questions to help you find the perfect modular lounge for your home.


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