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How to Find Hobbies That Make Money

Today’s economy still isn’t that great. But people who have some initiative are finding that they have hobbies that make money. And they’re cashing in!

I wonder how many people realize that they might have hobbies that make money? I’m a member of a couple of really active forums about working from home.

And it never fails to amaze me how many new people want to start making money online, and they think they can just jump right into one of the too-many make money from home scams out there.

Or they don’t seem to realize that getting into affiliate marketing or network marketing isn’t going to make them money as fast as they need it.

There’s a lot involved even if you’re trying to make money from blogging alone, let alone marketing and building a profitable affiliate or network marketing business.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t get into these types of online programs or you should start blogging for money. But some of these online money-making opportunities require some type of cash investment.

And if you’ve just lost your job for any number of reasons, you might not have that cash to invest. So maybe it’s time to just do what you love and make money with it.

Once you start making a little bit of a profit, you can use that money to get into an affiliate or MLM opportunity.

How Can I Make Extra Money with a Hobby?
Today’s economy still isn’t that great. People are getting laid off of their full time jobs every day, or their hours are getting cut back and they’re being forced to look for new jobs or second jobs.

But for those people who have some initiative and drive are finding that they already have hobbies that make money. And they’re turning to the Internet to cash in!

They’re doing what they love to do already, and if they’ve lost their primary jobs, they’re finding they have some extra time to turn those interests into profitable small businesses.

Don’t Have a Hobby Yet?
Yes, you do! I think everyone has at least one hobby. Here are some pretty common hobbies that can make you some cash.

Making craftsWritingCollecting (I collect mugs as a hobby; my husband collects canes!)Sports and sporting activitiesGoing to flea markets”Junk” collectingCar enthusiastsEvent planningPhotographyPaintingMaking jewelryBakingWriting music

You can also check out and and looking at what other people are doing to turn their hobbies into cash.

Making Money with Your Favorite Hobby
There are some people who are literally afraid to start using their hobbies to make money. Why? They think that if they have to start doing it as a “job,” they won’t like doing it anymore.

That’s where your mindset has to change, seriously.

Personal Examples of Hobbies that Make Money
I started designing laminated bookmarks as a hobby. I made them for favors for a couple of family members – wedding favors, shower favors, birthday party favors, etc. People really like them and suggested I start selling them.

So I launched a website just for bookmark favors. My hobby started making about $1000 to $1500 a month! Not bad for a hobby!

And I still loved doing it because I got to do it more often, first of all. But the compliments I received from my customers made me feel great! It was a real confidence booster that something I created myself was actually worth money to people who didn’t have my skills and love of doing something creative.

My Husband’s Hobbies Turned Into a Nice Part-time Income, Too!

We got a Christmas gift from a family member that was so intriguing, my husband decided to start making them as gifts for other family members.

Then he decided to set up at a local craft show and we sold out! So I launched a website for him plus he sells his crafts on eBay.

His next hobby is really making a nice profit; pulling interior and exterior auto body parts from junked cars and reselling them for upwards of 300% profit – on eBay.

It Can Be Done!
You just have to find out what it is that you love to do, or even just “like” to do, and find ways of turning that interest into some cold, hard cash.


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