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How to Prepare Your Furniture for a House Moving

How to Prepare Your Furniture for a House Moving

Changing homes is not easy, it is expensive and time-consuming. Sometimes to save some money, people decide to do as much as possible before calling the professionals. One of these things is the uneasy task of preparing the furniture for the upcoming relocation. To avoid injuries, you need to be aware of how properly to prepare every piece of furniture in your house.

Inspect the Inventory

Take a good look at your furniture and make a list of all the items you can actually disassemble. Everything else needs to be transported as it is so you will need to calculate how much and what kind of packing materials you will need. Make a mental note which inventory items you need to pack least. For example, you can pack the sofa but leave your bed for the last possible moment.

Measure Everything

When we buy furniture most of it comes in boxes, and you assemble it on the spot. Unfortunately when you are moving not all can be put in the state in which it originally arrived. This means you need to make sure that the larger pieces of furniture will be able to get out of the door. Measure your hallways, staircases, doorcases, elevators, you need to know what can pass and what cant. You may need to remove the doors of the henges in order to move your sofa, so need to have your trusted tools close by.
If the furniture is not very heavy and it can go through every part of the way out, it is best to keep it in one piece. Consider disassembling only the things that cant be moved otherwise.

You Will Need The Right Tools to Move Out

Make sure you have all the right screwdrivers and spanners. You will need zip lock bags to put all the bolts and nuts. Be very careful not to mix the elements from one piece of furniture with another. You will need blankets or bubble wrap to secure the more fragile pieces like the legs of the table. Use lots of tape and labels, every box or container needs to have a note describing its content. This will make the unpacking process easier.

Start the House Move With the Hardest Task

Once you know which furniture needs to be disassembled start by doing so. This is the most time-consuming and hard work and you don’t want to leave it for last. Pack methodically every part and don’t move to another item until the current is safely packed.

Pack Everything

Remove all the pillows and cushions and launder everything. Pack only cleaned and dryers softgoods. Some things may need to go to the dryers first. Use vacuum bags to transport the pillows and bedding. When packing it is important to remember not to put tape directly onto the surface of the furniture. This can damage it and lead to permanent staining or discolouration.
If you are moving from the North to a far place, like Dorset for example, it is essential to wrap every piece of furniture in plastic. If even the tiniest drop of water or moisture gets on your furniture while loading them, it can damage the furniture or cause the growth of mould. To assure the safety of your belonging during the time of the house removal, buy wrapping plastic sheets and cover every centimetre of your furniture with it.

Protect Your Valuables During the House Relocation

If you have designer furniture or antic pieces that you want to transport, dont try to disassemble them and move them by yourself. Every so often you just need to spend a little more money. Speak to your movers and ask them about their insurance policy. Better safe than sorry.

Loading Your Furniture

The last step is to properly load your belongings into the moving truck. Big and heavy items like sofas, beds and couches need to be loaded first and placed in the back of the truck. After comes the smaller things like chairs or desks. Even if you have hired a moving company, one pair of watchful eyes during the loading and unloading is always useful.


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