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Ideas for Organising your Kitchen Broom Cabinet

Most homeowners appreciate that tall kitchen cabinets can be a fantastic resource. These types of cabinets can be used as a pantry or more commonly a broom cabinet. Unfortunately, it can be very easy for your broom cabinet to get disorganised, leaving you struggling to find all your cleaning accessories and tools. So, here we have some broom cabinet ideas to help you get everything in order.

Create a Broom Bar

One of the most awkward items in a kitchen broom cabinet is the broom itself. Due to their length, brooms and mops can be a real problem and are likely to fall on you as soon as you open the cabinet door. Fortunately, you can resolve this by creating a broom bar. This is a strip of plastic, wood or metal with clips to hold the handles. If youre not particularly crafty, you can purchase these types of bars from home improvement stores, and these usually contain spring loaded clips for added security.
Install your broom bar on the cabinet door, so all your brooms and mops and can kept neatly out of the way unless you need them.

Categorise Your Cleaners

If you have a spot cleaning emergency, like a juice or wine spill, you dont want to waste time rummaging through your kitchen broom cupboard. So, be organised and categorise all your cleaners. Group your cleaning products together by function or room, using separate caddies or buckets to keep them separate. You can even use different coloured containers for each purpose, so you can quickly grab whatever you need.

Invest in Containers

Since broom cupboards often have to hold large items, those small bits and pieces can be easily lost. So, invest in some container so you can keep all these smaller bits organised and safe. Whether you need a container for cloths or want to keep bin bags, spare light bulbs, and batteries arranged, a few plastic containers can make all the difference to an organised cabinet.

Install Some Hooks

Hooks can also be an invaluable tool for organising your broom cabinet, as youre likely to have a number of items that take up far too much space on a shelf. From vacuum hoses to bags of cleaning rags, hooks can easily clear valuable shelf space. You can even get super organised with a bag for clean cloths and another for used ones. You can toss the dirty rags in the used bag, and when it’s full, you immediately know its time for a laundry load.

If youre considering an upgrade and are unsure if you can accommodate a kitchen broom cabinet, you should speak to us. The EKitchens – Perth cabinet maker team would be delighted to assess your room dimensions to help you plan out your dream kitchen, and our team members may even provide you with even more broom cabinet ideas.


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