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I’m A Single Mom, and I’m Making Extra Money

When looking to make extra money, one has plenty of choices, especially with the advent of technology and the Internet. While true, a single mom must think a little harder about the situation. With this in mind, here are a few tips to succeed when working from home.

Set up an office: Without a doubt, a single mother will want to work from a comfortable office with plenty of room. Think about it, single moms working from home will need to relax and have enough room to come up with ideas, talk on the phone and work on the computer. This is especially true during times when children are around. If it’s not possible to set up a separate office, one should, at minimum, try to put their desk in an area that is hard to reach for children. Then, one can work without fear. Otherwise, if a mom works in the middle of the living room, kids will crawl all over her to ask questions and get help.

Look around for work: Sadly, when looking for stay at home mom jobs, plenty of people take the first opportunity. This is unwise for a few reasons. For starters, one will want to research the company and position. Not only that, ideally, a mother should work in her career field. Think about it, when looking to make money, one should utilize their skills and take advantage of opportunities. Then, when doing so, a mom can make more money and improve her resume. In the future, this will lead to more job opportunities when going back to the corporate arena. On the other hand, single moms working from home that take low paying gigs are going to hurt their bank accounts. At the same time, when doing this, one will not help their career prospects.

Don’t take on too much: It’s easy to grow with excitement when finding stay at home mom jobs. However, one must curb their enthusiasm and avoid this. Think about it, when taking on too many jobs, a mom will end up overworking. Instead, single moms working from home need to look at the long-term. Then, one will take on jobs they can qualify for and finish on time. Simply put, with a long-term approach, a mother can avoid burnout.

Learn marketing: Finally, when looking for stay at home mom jobs, one needs to learn marketing. With Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, a working parent can easily show off his or her talents to people from around the world. When doing so, one also should build a simple WordPress website. With an online presence, a contractor or business owner will go a long way in finding excited and willing clients. Luckily, one can do all this without spending much money as most online marketing tools are free or don’t cost much. For this reason, a working parent must, from day one, start to market his or her product or services. With this long-term approach, a single parent can make more money with less effort.

A working mom should consider work from home opportunities. Luckily, when doing so, one can make a decent living and take care of their children. While true, it’s still wise for a mother to think more deeply about the situation and consider her lifestyle.


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