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Know More About Varicose Veins

Varicose Veins is a condition that’s suffered by millions of people. People who suffer from this condition experience unbearable discomfort and have to put up with a hideous look. While the popular belief is that varicose veins cause cosmetic issues, it is important that people know that varicose veins can cause extreme disabilities and fatal complications.

Varicose veins are veins which are swollen and dilated and they normally spread all across the length of a person’s leg. Unlike other veins, varicose veins do not have the capability to transport blood of the legs to the lungs and heart by opposing gravity. Succumbing to the pull of gravity, the blood in these veins flows back in reverse and stagnates, giving a popped up appearance.

As a leading vein surgery practice in Minneapolis-St.Paul, Dr. Reese’s Vein Associates can help patients be free from varicose veins’ symptoms like night cramps, tired and heavy legs and itching. If varicose veins continue untreated, severe blood clots, skin ulcers and vein inflammation can occur. At Vein Associates, varicose veins are treated by a variety of treatments and procedures. Some of these treatments include:

•÷ Traditional treatments for varicose veins come in the form of special stockings which provide support. These stockings help in treatment by slowing down the growth and spread of the varicose veins. While this treatment will not provide a permanent cure, it gets rid of the symptoms.

•÷ One of the popular treatments for varicose veins at Dr. Reese’s vein surgery practice in Minneapolis-St. Paul is Sclerotherapy. This therapy involves the injection of a solution into the affected veins. The solution acts by causing shrinkage, closure and eventual disappearance of the veins in question. For patients who suffer from very extensive varicose veins, an ultrasound scan is performed to exactly locate the right spot to inject the solution.

•÷ Another popular procedure for varicose veins at Dr. Reese’s practice is endovenous laser ablation. This procedure involves the inserting of a fiber of laser into the affected vein by means of a needle. Thereafter, heat is passed through the laser to cause shrinkage and eventual closure of the varicose veins. This procedure is also used to treat extensive varicose veins known as saphenous veins.

For people suffering from all types of varicose vein conditions, Dr. Reese’ vein surgery practice in Minneapolis-St. Paul has the treatment cure. Under his care, the best treatment and care can be expected and received.


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