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Moles On The Skin Are Generally Normal

Moles on skin are abnormal skin growths. If you are going to get some they will occur during the first couple of decades of your life. Sometimes they grow in groups while other times they grow alone. There have been some cases where they have disappeared then there are other cases when they raise up more.

Usually they are caused when cells grow in groups. However, newer studies are showing that genetics and even the sun light are able to cause them. The two main types are congenital and dysplastic.

The Congenital ones occur at birth. When a person is born with moles they are more likely to turn cancerous than the ones that appear after birth. The Dysplastic ones are the ones that are large and usually are shaped funny. They also like congenital put a person at a high risk for cancer.

It is not very common for them to turn cancerous. There is no need to worry about them usually unless you start experiencing some unusual symptoms. Some things you may want to watch out for would be painful ones and ones that bleed. If any of these problems start then it would be definitely time to seek help from a dermatologist.

Normally people do not treat them unless they want to get them removed for cosmetic reasons. The only other time a surgery would be needed would be if the dermatologist recommended it because the mole was found out to be cancerous. To find this out the dermatologist would have to take a tissue sample and do a biopsy. In the case that it is cancerous the dermatologist will then remove it and some tissue around it. After all the cancerous tissue is removed the dermatologist would then have to stitch the area closed.

However, there are other options of removing them that may actually be less painful. Of course there is surgery. But there also are some creams that some people say have worked as well as some natural removal options.

However, the Chinese believe that moles have meaning behind them. They believe that depending on where they are located on the face it tells whether they will be wealthy, lucky or unlucky. If the moles are visible then they have some kind of warning or reminder behind them. If they are hidden they believe that it stands for good luck and fortune.


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