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Phoenix Traumatic Brain Injury: Prevention, Symptoms, and Care

How can you prevent yourself and your children from suffering from a traumatic brain injury?

Here are some precautions that can be done in order to prevent suffering from a traumatic brain injury.

The major cause of traumatic brain injuries in the US is falls. In order to avoid or minimize the effects of falls, helmets should be used at all times when riding a bicycle or motorcycle; it should also be used when playing extreme sports such as football, hockey, skating, batting, riding a horse, skiing, and snowboarding. Make sure that the home is installed with precautionary fixtures, such as handrails on the stairways, window guards, safety gates, and shock-absorbing material on the children’s playground.

Another known cause of traumatic brain injuries is having an object striking the head. If there are firearms and bullets within the house, they should be properly stored in a safe place.

What are the symptoms of traumatic brain injury?

The symptoms of traumatic brain injury will depend on how much impact there is on the brain. If the following symptoms persist, consult a healthcare professional.

In mild cases of traumatic brain injury, loss of consciousness may be experienced for a short period. The person can also experience blurred vision, ringing in the ears, losing sense of taste, sleeping problems, headaches, and dizziness.

In moderate or severe cases, the same symptoms as previously mentioned can also occur. In addition to that, the person can experience nausea, seizures, inability to wake up from sleeping, slurred speech, numbness in certain body parts, confusion and fatigue. Children who have experienced severe traumatic brain injuries show other signs and symptoms such as constant crying and refusal to eat and nurse.

What kind of care should be given to people who suffer from a traumatic brain injury?

A neuropsychologist conducts tests on the person in order to gauge his or her cognitive, language, behavioral, motor, and executive functions. This assessment will be used to determine the type of care that will be given to the person. Rehabilitation is an important aspect of the recovery process. Generally, rehabilitation program aims to develop the person’s ability to function at home and in society. It is very important for family and friends to cooperate and give support to the patient.

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