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The Benefits of Bonded Leather Sofas

When shopping for leather lounge suites, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the choice of styles and colours, but did you give any thought to the specific material. Bonded leather has become increasingly popular in recent years, offering some fantastic benefits for your new sofa.

Stylish Finish

One of the main benefits of bonded leather sofas is that they offer the same stylish finish available with genuine leather. Bonded leather looks sophisticated and stylish to complement any decor. Whether you are planning a traditional or contemporary look to your room, youll find that a bonded leather sofa can provide an attractive and elegant centerpiece.

Unrivalled Comfort

Bonded leather lounge suites also offer unrivalled comfort. The material is soft and supple, creating a welcoming aesthetic. Regardless of whether you enjoy sitting up straight to read or slouching during movie night, youll find these types of sofas will provide the support and comfort youre looking for.

Easy Care

Bonded leather not only attractive, it is also easy care. This material is very durable and easy to clean. Whether you have small children prone to making sticky messes or have guests who may cause the occasional spill, a quick wipe with a damp cloth can resolve almost any issue. Even if you dont get to a sticky spill immediately, youll find it far easier to clean compared to fabric or other materials.

No Stickiness

Most of us have experienced that uncomfortable feeling when you go to get up off a leather sofa and find your legs are stuck to the fabric. This is not likely to happen with a bonded leather sofa. Bonded leather is created using a number of components including nylon fibres. This is designed to offer optimum softness and texture, but it also removes the stick factor of pure leather.

No Hot and Cold Extremes

You may also notice that bonded leather sofas do not retain temperatures. One of the main disadvantages of a leather suite is that can feel hot and uncomfortable in summer and freezing cold in winter. While the leather will warm up as you are sitting on it, that initial contact can feel like sinking into a bath of ice water. Bonded leather doesnt have these same extremes. Youre more likely to find that bonded leather sofas have a temperature that is very similar to the ambient room temperature; making it far more comfortable at all times of the year.

If youre looking for leather sofas in Perth, the Chaise Sofas team is ready to help. We offer a wide choice of leather lounge suites and bonded leather sofas. We would be delighted to answer any queries you may have and help you to find your ideal new sofa.


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