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The Leading Oven and Cooking Appliance Brands in the UK

When it comes to ovens, the vast ranges of options out there can be somewhat bewildering. Your own needs, lifestyle, personal preferences and budget will influence your choice. Will it be an inexpensive but functional freestanding Indesit gas cooker, or a top of the range, all bells and whistles Samsung multi-functional oven? Perhaps you need a convection oven, a fan assisted option, or maybe you hanker after a double oven. Here’s a round-up of some of the top choices for cooking machines and ovens available in the UK in 2018.

Best Double Oven

Bosch- Takes top marks here with the HBM13B550B. Featuring a 71-litre main oven and a 35-litre secondary, this model also comes with fan assistance, an easy clean enamel finish and A rated energy efficiency.

Neff – Has a worthy contender in this category, with the U15M52N3GB. The oven capacity is slightly smaller and the bottom oven only scores a B for energy efficiency. However, the easy clean finish, smart LED display and the durability of the cooker all win this oven high marks.

Most Innovative Oven

Samsung – The Dual Cook NV75K5571RS is something a little bit different. It’s a single multi-function oven but has a unique duel cook feature. This means that different zones of the oven can run at different temperatures, allowing you to cook two totally different dishes at the same time.

Best Built-In Oven

SIA – Offers a built-in double oven that reviewers are raving about. It comes with both a conventional and a full fan oven. The removable door and inner glass make cleaning easy too.
Bosch – The HBN331E4B comes out tops when it comes to built in single ovens. This fan oven has a 66-litre capacity and a hot air feature which ensures that every part of the oven is equally hot, this is great news for bakers looking for a reliable and predictable machine.

Best Freestanding Cooker

John Lewis – The JLFSMC613 Dual Fuel Cooker is in fact made by AEG. This model features dual electric ovens, one of which is fan assisted and offers an impressive 79-litre capacity. The smaller oven, which sits topmost also contains the grill. The hob is gas, still the choice of many professionals seeking fine and instant heat control.

Indesit The I5GGW White 50cm is an economical choice that doesn’t have any fancy features but does offer A rated efficiency. This is a basic cooker which may suit a budget conscious buyer who’s happy with an all gas appliance.

Beyond the Purchase

It’s worth giving some thought to likely costs and ease of oven repairs in London before you make your purchase. Points to bear in mind include the fact that your technician will find it easier to locate spares for a well-known brand than for something obscure. It’s harder to access the workings of a built-in cooker than a freestanding one, so repairs take longer and cost more. Finally, some brands have a reputation for good quality or offer longer guarantees, this is something to look at closely when you’re down to your final two or three choices.


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