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Things To Know Before Printing Your Own Fabric Digitally

Over the years, art has been significantly growing. Nowadays people are starting to discover their artistic capabilities this is all thanks to the art schools, the talents of these aspiring new artist have been able to be recognized and put to use. One of the genres which have grown as a result of art is the act of digital printing.

As a result of the developments in science and technology, people are now able to print digital message and files on their fabric, in this process, the printing part pretty much works just like a desktop inkjet printer, this is done using a machine called a printer. This genre of art is perhaps the most fun thing to do in the textile industry.

Digital printing does not only maintain the textile industry within your average illustrator’s budget, but it also creates continuous chances for;

Customization. PrototypingSmall run printing, Experimentation.

This type of digital printing can produce very many shades and color, however just as in most forms of digital printing, what you appear to see is not necessarily what you receive back.

If you have been thinking of printing your own fabric but have not been sure as to how you should do it, what to do and what not to do, this article will take you through a thing or two you should consider before printing your own fabric.

The type of fabric to use.

Normally, experts in the textile industry will not recommend the fabric that you should use, this is because when it comes to such projects like this, the choosing of a fabric is hugely an issue of taste. Therefore, since you have all the power you can pick any fabric you want, remember this is art you need to be creative. It is important to know that in most times it is important to go through a fabric guidance book. This will help you see and also feel the handle of the fabric, then get a rough picture of how a print looks like on every material.

The Placement prints.

The next thing you should note before digitally printing fabric, is, when the design of your fabric comprises of several elements or it requires to be printed in a specific way, it is highly recommended that you lay all your files in the order you want them to be printed and always leave room for seam allowances in your mind.


This is yet another significant tip, before doing anything, you should know that you have the freedom to choose what color to use on the fabrics, it is again a matter of your taste, so you can print as many colors as you want with a digital printer. As a matter of fact, the printer is designed to offer high-quality photos so you should not be barriers as to which color you can use.

High uniqueness.

Most people who are just starting to learn about printing usually make the mistake of not being original. In as much as it may sound like a good idea to create a copy of a famous commercial print which has not been used for a long time using digital printing, it is not always a good idea because the original maker has a copyright to his piece of work and you may end up getting in trouble on your first attempt.


It is important to note that you should always stick to your budget since digital printing can be costly at times. Having read these tips, you are now ready to start the process of digitally printing fabric.


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