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Tips for Small Custom Kitchens Perth Homeowners Should Know

If you have a small kitchen, you may think that your options for custom built kitchens are limited. However, there are some tips and tricks that can make the best use of your space. Here are just a few custom kitchen designer tips that will help you to plan your renovation.

Choose the Right Layout:

While you may admire the central island layout shown in magazines, it is not likely to be appropriate for a smaller kitchen. You need to look at your space and stick to a layout that will make the best use of the area. U shapes tend to work well in a small kitchen. If you choose custom kitchens based on a U shape, you can create an ergonomic look that creates lots of storage. You may even be able to incorporate a seating or dining area. However, you need to consider the space between cabinets. You should have plenty of room to open cabinet doors and work in the space. If you have a narrow kitchen, you may need to opt for an L shape. This will allow you to create the ideal work triangle of sink, fridge, and cooker without making the room feel cramped.

Define Your Spaces:
Functionality is usually a priority of any custom kitchen designer, and small kitchens are no exception. While you may have limited space, you still need to be able to work efficiently in your new kitchen. To accomplish this, you need to think about defining the areas of your kitchen. Think about where you will wash, prep food and cook. Some areas may need to pull double duty, but by creating this definition, you can plan for what counter space is required and where your appliances or sink should be placed.

Choose the Right Appliances:
Speaking of appliances, you need to choose the right units. There are plenty of options available for smaller kitchens, so you wont be forced to shoehorn in a larger piece that dominates the space. If cabinet space is limited, opt for a built in oven in a vertical column. This not only saves floor space but can add cabinets above and below the oven. Think about slimline units, such as dishwashers that can not only handle up to nine place settings but also save space. Do you need a full four burner hob or would two suffice? Do you need a freezer in your limited space or could you have a larder fridge and keep a separate freezer in a garage?


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