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Why Are More People Working From Home?

Working at Home versus Jobs in the Workplace

Lower Stress levels

Many of the things that keeps us stressed have to do with time management and the occasional triggering events we sometimes experience in the workplace. You’re the master of your own time, so you decide when’s the best time to work – there are no more difficult or stressful deadlines imposed by your employer. On the other hand, a major potential destabilizing factor comes out of the equation: fellow co-workers. So, this is definitely good news for the business opportunity seekers.

No commute

To earn money from home, you don’t need to commute, nor waste time nor money with this task. Not only are we helping the environment, but we are avoiding the daily stress from getting to work on time. When working a job, many are spending upwards of four hours per day on commuting. And don’t forget the amount of money that is being spent per day, per week, and per month on transportation. Whether that money is for train, bus, gas and/or toll. That money definitely adds up and can be put to other use if working from home became a reality.

Residual Income

One of the most important benefits to working from home is the potential to create residual income. Residual income is when you continue to be paid for efforts and work done in the past. When you work a traditional job, you receive what is called Linear income. This income is related to the number of hours that you work. You are basically trading time for money. But when you put enough effort and work together to create residual income, then you can do other things with your time and still receive income. This is an incredible pro that should be a goal for all who dive into the field of working from home.

Premium Flexibility

Working at home opportunities like network marketing, MLM, and making money online opportunities can be extremely attractive. However, many people who work at home tend to find it difficult to separate their professional and personal lives. With a traditional employment, there is a physical boundary which separates the professional life (the office) from the personal one (your home), a distinction which is very important for the overall balance of your life. But if you are able to master this while working at home, you will find that you have more time for yourself than you would if you were in the workplace. This can also be a little tricky because those who work at home need to be extremely disciplined so they don’t digress from their own activities – and many people can be easily distracted. However, you get to use time in the best way possible. This is because you determine when’s the right time to do the work. Remember, nobody understands your productive hours better than you do. And so, the benefit here is very clear: You are able to manage your own time!


If you decide to work at home, you’ll surely miss the grand opportunity of meeting new people or clients face-to-face, and as you surely understand, the vastest the network you know, the more chances you’ll get a serious opportunity in the future. So, while working at the office, you’ll not only interact with your coworkers and superiors, you’ll also get to know your clients and, surely, get the opportunity to impress them with your outstanding work abilities. Although this is true, with the increasing use of social media (face book, twitter, etc.) the amount of contacts that you can attain while working at home is at an all time high. You now have the opportunity to meet thousands and millions of people right at your finger tips. My how times have changed!

While there isn’t a correct answer when choosing between the two, there surely can be an answer for your individual self. It’s up to you to decide whether the opportunity to work from home is worth it or not. However, in the end, we know that more and more people are looking for opportunities to work from home. There are so many great opportunities to earn a great living and even become financially independent. With the job market becoming less attractive with layoffs, downgrading positions, minimum wage and no real job security, I would urge everyone to at least take a look at the possibility of working from home. It is no coincidence that working from home has increased in popularity over the years and in my opinion will continue to increase in the years to come!


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