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Work Smart Not Hard: 5 Reasons To Be A Part-Time Virtual Assitant

Part-time jobs usually invoke the image of students working at the pizzeria or at the nearest fast food joint. Then, there are people who do two or more jobs, especially over the weekends to keep their family going. Students tend to love this hands one experience on the job. They enjoy interaction with customers. Moreover, students quit the part-time job as the college resumes during the next academic year. The managers do not seem to mind. A fresh supply of workers is always available.

However, this is not the case with people forced to work on two jobs for personal and professional reasons. For these people, it is not a matter of choice, but that of sustenance. Factory and construction workers, and teachers often work part-time during evenings and/or weekends. It is a tough life. Sooner or later the stress shows in their performance at workplace.

With affordable PCs and reduced internet costs, it is possible to have your part-time work at in the comfort of your home. Have you ever consider working as a virtual assistant on a part-time basis? There would be no more double commute, and so much less stress. As you will be back home after your regular job, you will feel mentally more relaxed to handle your part-time job. No more traffic jams and road rage during those late night commutes.

Leverage your skills:

I believe every person has at least three marketable skills. The trick is to find and tap into it so that you are duly rewarded. This could be something you are good at, like a hobby. For example, if you are a teacher, you would also be adept at writing tutorials and other instructional documents. So, take a second look at your skills and find three most marketable ones. Every skill has a market, and there is a client for every market.

Networking is the key:

Having decided to work as a part-time virtual assistant, you need to set the ball rolling. As most of the work happens via internet, networking is the best way to get the word out. This is easy once you have identified your key marketable skills. Do not spend more than a couple of hours for networking, or else you will not have time to work on the assignment.

Part-time is not full-time:

When you start on your job as a part-time virtual assistant, from home ie after your regular office hours, does not mean you have to continue working until past midnight. Like any other part-time job, stick to a schedule. Otherwise, it will be very hard on the family. Family comes first, not the job. You are working for the family, so enjoy your time with them, you deserve it.

One bite at a time:

The allure of accomplishing more in less time is great, and many fall into the trap of biting off more than they can chew. This is a sure shot recipe for a failed part-time venture. When faced with two offers at the same time, accept the one that suits your schedule or skills, and, either ask a later date to start on the other, or politely refuse to work on it. This will show you are forthcoming and responsible and clients respect that in a virtual assistant.

Work smart, not hard:

Searching for jobs at job-portals drain valuable time and energy, which you can otherwise use to deliver results that compliment your skills. The trick for being a successful virtual assistant is in working smart, not hard. You can either choose to scout for jobs at these job portals, or act smart by getting in touch with sources who can give you assignments that match your skills.


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